User Comments

We love your service!! It makes it very easy for parents to book times and for us to manage availability etc. We wouldn't go back to a manual system now!!

- Primary School Office Manager

You've got a great product and a fab service

- Primary School Administrator

We so love school interviews...using it for the lunch orders has meant the mums are more comfortable with it and book interviews more quickly. We have also noticed our lunch orders have tripled!

- Combined School Administrator

We have been using your great website for a few years now. You always seem to anticipate our questions and communicate before we ask and solve problems before they are things. Well done!

- Blair Giles, Principal, Summerland Primary School

Using your system really improved on our turnaround times for customers to attend interviews and for their applications to progress.

- Administration Manager, Tertiary Instituion

You make our lives so much easier at interview time.Teachers and parents really enjoy this service. It is also great value for money.

- Jamie Marsden, Whenuakite School Principal

Thanks for a great system. We have been using the School Interview System very successfully for years - you have thought of everything!

- Carolyn A, Worser Bay School

Just wanted to share with you the fantastic experience we had with School Interviews (being our first time). The ease of use for administrators, teachers and parents was an outstanding feature. Our school will definitely continue to use it.

- Lynda da Silva, Malfroy School

This is such a brilliant programme AND it synchronised with my i-calendar! I don't even need to print it out. It took me ten minutes to sort. Thank you very much.

- Anonymous, MacLeans College Parent

The parents were ecstatic with the system because it puts them in control rather than relying on un co-operative teenagers approaching grumpy teachers. The teachers were rapt because they didn't have to do anything or worry about losing bits of paper.

- Secondary School Principal

Wow awesome, now I have the power to see who I want to see, not who my child wants me to see - or doesn't hahaha!

- Anonymous Parent

How wonderful is this, thank you so much!

- Executive Officer

Have just booked my daughter's interviews at ******* College, this is bloody brilliant!!

- Anonymous Parent

Fantastic system and so user friendly!! Well done.

- Anonymous Parent

Where have you guys been for the last 20 years??? Your programme just keeps getting better and better!!

- Primary School Principal

This is fantastic. Relying on a teenager to get times is hopeless.

- Anonymous Parent

At last, someone has come up with a decent method for booking school interviews. Now we can set it up in our own time, on line without the hassle. WELL DONE!

- Anonymous Parent

We are loving the programme and the secretary thinks I am fantastic for finding you guys... so THANKS HEAPS!

- Executive Officer

The interview booking system proved to be a big hit. The number of interviews was significantly higher.

- Lyn Cooper, Secondary School Principal

Just a note to say what a fantastic idea this site is - so much better than having to wait for my kids to book interviews and then finding that they have made them at inconvenient times or with huge gaps.

- Anonymous Parent

I have just used your online booking service to organise school interviews for 2 children. I can't believe how simple this was - what an amazing service!!

- Anonymous Parent

Your system is absolutely brilliant and a real time saver!! We got 89% uptake on the first go with over 420 interviews booked. Parents love it, my DP loves it - she no longer spends two days sorting times for interviews. Every school should be using your system.

- Graeme Sullivan, Primary School Principal

This is so cool, I can't wipe the smile off my face!

- Executive Officer

This is a great programme - one of the few that really does reduce workload instead of just substituting another system. It actually delivers on the promises of the computer age!!

- Steve Collins, Primary School Principal

Whoever thought of this should be given a commendation for service to NZ parents. Brilliant!!

- Lisa Cowie, Parent

Everything went fantastically well. I could not imagine going back to the old system.

- Ivan Davis, Secondary School Principal

Thank you for your system - it has been fantastic for staff and parents alike - heaps of positive feedback. We had a 95% hit rate which is fantastic - would recommend this system to anyone.

- Francis Fraser, Executive Officer

One word - brilliant!

- Robin Harris, Primary School Principal

Great online service. Thanks.

- Anonymous, Pukekohe Intermediate School Parent

Thanks for making school interview bookings such a painless process. This is the fourth year that we have used your system to book our kids' interviews and each time I marvel at what a great bit of ingenuity it is.

- Julie Wattchow, Burnside High School Parent

This such a great system for parents to book, it allows flexibility and clarity for booking interviews to fit with my needs. Wouldnt want to have to go back now.

- Anonymous, St Andrews College Parent

I just want to say as a parent - what an awesome idea this is - so easy efficient, painless - ITS JUST GREAT. Excellent work to those involved it making this possible for parents/teachers.

- Anonymous, Whangarei Intermediate School Parent

Yesterday was our final night of Parent Interviews. This morning at Staff Meeting there was a lot of positive feedback.. It was the best turn out of parents we have probably ever had. Both parents and children were involved in the booking process, we are guessing that this made all the difference this year compared to previous years. Just wanted to let you know that we are very VERY happy with our recent purchase : )

- Georgia Davison, Primary School Administrator

Thanks for having a fantastic programme - just love it and it makes Student Led Conferences so easy!!

- Pauline Madgwick, Office Manager Primary School

This year using School Interviews, we have had our best booking turn out EVER!

- Georgia Davison, Primary School Administrator

Thank you!!! This system is so easy to use and very clear, I love it that when you have more than one child they are listed and you can see corresponding times, it makes it very easy to plan !!!

- Jo Bird, Havelock North Primary School Parent

You run a wonderful service, it makes life so much easier in the office. Everyone is always so willing to help.

- Pam Head - Primary School Executive Officer

I am a parent to two boys that attend Papatoetoe East Primary school, soon my daughter will also attend this wonderful school. I love this online process of booking interviews. Makes it much easier for parents to view what times are available and times they can work around instead of the school giving us a time. As a working parent, this is GREAT!

- Anonymous, Papatoetoe East Primary School Parent

I'm so excited to be using school interviews online service. Have worked in admin at my Primary School for 12 years - school interviews were a nightmare with paper, lost notes etc. I'm loving this and our parents are too!

- Odette Hussey, Primary School Office Executive

Just wanted to say this website is a absolute gold - congrats to whoever invented it!!!

- Anonymous, Matakana Primary School Parent

We are delighted to be using your programme and have had incredible buy-in from staff and parents. It has made our administrative job so much easier.

- Robert Aburn, College Senior Master

You do a fantastic job and I particularly appreciate your level of service that always seems to be on hand.

- Clarinda Franklin, Primary School Principal

Thanks team from every school administrator that ever discovered your system - you changed my [admin] life! J

- Jalaine Armstrong, College Administration Manager

I would just like to say that schoolinterviews is WONDERFUL! It makes school interviews and events so easy and fast to do. You have saved us and parents a lot of time plus we have more parents turn up as before the parents had to trust that their daughters would make the bookings for them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Tania King, Secondary School Deputy Principal

Every time I book interviews I am so amazed at how easy this system is... just brilliant!

- Anonymous, Gladstone Primary School Parent