Now you can book school interviews for the times that suit you. Simply enter the event code and press "Go".

You will be guided through three simple steps, and a few moments later you will get an email confirming your interviews.

School Interviews works for both primary and secondary schools. If you have children at another school that doesn't use our service, let them know what they are missing!


"One word - brilliant!"

- Robin Harris, Primary Principal

Thank you for your system - it has been fantastic for staff and parents alike - heaps of positive feedback. We had a 95% hit rate which is fantastic - would recommend this system to anyone.

- Francis Fraser, Executive Officer

"Everything went fantastically well. I could not imagine going back to the old system."

- Ivan Davis, Secondary Principal

Whoever thought of this should be given a commendation for service to NZ parents. Brilliant!!

- Lisa Cowie, Parent

This is a great programme - one of the few that really does reduce workload instead of just substituting another system. It actually delivers on the promises of the computer age!!!

- Steve Collins, Primary Principal

This is so cool, I can't wipe the smile off my face.

- Executive Officer

Your system is absolutely brilliant and a real time saver!! We got 89% uptake on the first go with over 420 interviews booked. Parents love it, my DP loves it - she no longer spends two days sorting times for interviews. Every school should be using your system.

- Graeme Sullivan, Primary Principal

I have just used your online booking service to organise school interviews for 2 children. I can't believe how simple this was - what an amazing service!!

- Parent

Just a note to say what a fantastic idea this site is - so much better than having to wait for my kids to book interviews and then finding that they have made them at inconvenient times or with huge gaps.

- Parent

The interview booking system proved to be a big hit. The number of interviews was significantly higher.

- Lyn Cooper, Secondary Principal

We are loving the programme and the secretary thinks I am fantastic for finding you guys... so THANKS HEAPS!

- Executive Officer

At last, someone has come up with a decent method for booking school interviews. Now we can set it up in our own time, on line without the hassle. WELL DONE!

- Parent

This is fantastic. Relying on a teenager to get times is hopeless.

- Parent

Where have you guys been for the last 20 years??? Your programme just keeps getting better and better!!

- Primary Principal

Fantastic system and so user friendly!! Well done.

- Parent

Have just booked my daughter's interviews at ******* College, this is bloody brilliant!!

- Parent

How wonderful is this, thank you so much.

- Executive Officer

Wow awesome, now I have the power to see who I want to see, not who my child wants me to see - or doesn't hahaha!

- Parent

The parents were ecstatic with the system because it puts them in control rather than relying on unco-operative teenagers approaching grumpy teachers. The teachers were rapt because they didn't have to do anything or worry about losing bits of paper.

- Secondary Principal

School Interviews makes organising parent evenings easy.

You can set up an interview evening in minutes, and enter phone bookings in seconds. Our system is simple and efficient, and our friendly support people are happy to help if you have any questions.

And it's not just parent-teacher interviews. Bookings for subject selection, uniform fittings or information evenings are just as easy to set up - at no additional cost. Find out more:

Sounds interesting? Then sign up for a free trial and see exactly how School Interviews will revolutionise bookings at your school.